What People Say

“Christina has a gift for helping teams to accomplish their goal. She is steadfast in her optimism, offers great ideas, and keeps the team cohesive.”

Marc G.

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Christina Kumar is from Northern California. She is a Google for Entrepreneurs award-winner as well as an experienced writer and journalist. She has interviewed 100+ public figures, CEO’s, and celebrities such as Jewel and also has written for platforms such as Examiner.com and Business.com.

With an extensive network, she can be seen advising those who would like to gain more PR for their expanding business. 

With a past in professional modeling and acting, Christina likes to work with recognizable brands in the sphere.

Christina enjoys traveling for work, PR, and speaking engagements. She holds a degree in Management and Business with honors.


PR & Marketing Consultation

Christina has experience guiding business owners into growing their business by using various techniques customary to their needs.


Christina speaks on topics including Entrepreneurship, Media, and Business.


By working on projects with multiple organizations, Christina has expanded the trajectory of a variety of projects.



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